I'm still here

Unfortunately, I've been feeling awful lately, so I haven't been doing too much--or updating too much, as you can probably see~! But school's less than a week away, and I promise there'll be plenty of things to talk about then.

Looking back, while I may not have gotten much in the way of finished projects this summer, I certainly have explored a good deal of techniques I think I'll be putting to work this year.

I've been keeping up with my knitting, and here's some of the thing bits and pieces (god, I hate having to admit my teachers were right, samples are essential) I've been playing around with.

I was trying out the idea of using multiple strands of yarn and adding them as I go to create a flared shape with cables. This one didn't quite work because it got twisted on my circulars, so I tried out a new idea. Chrissy Day had spoken to me last year about introducing new textures and materials into the soft, pillowy sort of work I've been doing, so I took my cables, and sprayed them with an aerosol rubber coating (it's made to re-coat tool handles) I love the result, it's flexible but still, and still looks like knitting.

Work in progress--a skirt that uses the the same idea as above, keep adding strands as well as increasing stitches to create a flare. I think at the end I might decrease it really quickly and make a tight-fitting bottom.

I've also been fooling around with quilting up the scraps of the t-shirts I've been using all summer. It's gotten much bigger since I last posted.

For scale purposes. Such tiny little blocks~~

What I've got so far. It's been slow going, the knit's a little hard to work with at this size. It's also a fair bit bulkier than a woven quilt because the seams get so thick. But I really love it. Sadly I'm running out of scraps, anyone want to send me some old t-shirts, gimme an email. I want to make this thing as large as I can, I think it'll have a real impact king-size. And then I want to quilt it with as many colors of thread as I can~

Sewing allll those little triangles in big long chains (I haven't finished these blocks yet)

Also doing a little bit of embroidery, after avoiding it all summer. It'll eventually be icebergs.

Next time I get a chance, I'm putting up whatever I have left from the flea markets for cheaps, I need to get it out of here.