And how to make them! I figure some here probably has need of this info! I can tell you from terrible experience that this method is much more comfortable for your model than duct tape alone.

1) Acquire a restaurant sized roll of saran-wrap. Restaurant supply stores will have it, it costs about $20. Also pick up a roll or two of duct tape and lots of old newspapers.

2) Find a very patient friend or someone that owes you big time.

3) Wrap them in plastic wrap, many layers thick, until it's no longer transparent. This might take a awhile. Bring snacks for your model and helpers.

4) Use duct tape to reinforce the armpit, crotch, knees, wrists and ankles. Also put a strip of tape where you're going to cut it apart. I put it from the neck down the arm to the wrist, and from ankles up to the armpits.

(should looks something like this!)

5) Cut it off, trying very hard not to cut your model (I got poor betty twice )

6) Re-tape the seams that you just cut, and stuff with newspaper or whatever.

7) if you want feet or hands, you can do them separately and attach them. Heads will have to be made up yourself, don't think you should wrap your friend's head in saran wrap.

8) Yay! Now you have a light, portable version of your friend! In my case, I'm suspending them from the ceiling, so they don't need to be self-supporting, but I'm sure you could figure out how to put an armature in there before you stuff it!

And just for kicks, my senior portrait, which I can't help but laugh at everytime I see it. I thought it was head-and-shoulders only, so I wasn't expecting alpaca in the shot.

Final Animation

Two posts in one day, imagine that. I have nicer, bigger version, but it's huge. So bear with the dithering.

Sorry for the lack

of my own work right now. It's been both slow going, as I'm getting tripped up in ever sort of documentation and writing and crap possible. So little actual new work is getting done, which has been really getting me down, honestly. I feel like my inertia from last semester is pretty much gone. But to keep the posting alive, here's some pictures from my "close up" assignment for portfolio documentation.

Close-up of the neckpiece, I'm actually pretty proud of this picture!

Leather feather leggings.

Lirienne's wing vest inside/outside

Just for fun, my jar of tiny t-shirt triangles from my (now rather long-abandoned) t-shirt quilt

More Later, but for Now

...Take a look at the new Flickr that I set up for my Portfolio Documentation class. I'm still working on it, but it'll be a handy reference for all my photography of work.


Sorry for posting a lot of the same piece, but I've been in documentation mode lately. Still working on some other things, but mostly right now it's all about making sure I've got this outfit documented properly.

Big thanks to Ken Yanoviak for taking our postcard/catalog shots. He also took portraits that I'll probably get next week.

My proof for the catalog.

Post card proof. When I get them, anyone that wants one, send me your address, I get 500 (!) so I have plenty to spare. Forever.

And the thing I'm really excited about (or, at least, the beginning of it!)
Later I'm going to streamline these into one movie, but for now, here's a preview! Many thanks to Sidney for putting up with the heat and long photoshop.