Too Tired

Too tired for much explanation. But I finished and photographed the second outfit! So enjoy some selected pictures from the 68 photo sequence. I'm no longer doing these as animation. Instead, I'm simply hanging the pictures, printed at 4" x 6" in a grid in sequence. It gives the same feeling of progression as the animation. This allows people to spend more time on the images, rather than trying to catch them as they go by. In addition, it has a feeling of 'production' (i.e: reference photos taken in movie production.)

big update

The days are passing quickly and the nights are getting long and I'm getting tired, but here's what's been happening in the mad rush up to the senior show.

Some chip-carving.'

Putting it to good use, carving some buttons for Lirienne's shirt. Much better than a manufactured one. I might make some of these for etsy post-graduation if there's any interest.

Made some wood hands for my manniquins.

They made good base to pattern a glove to.

Working on gloves.

Also had to set up my work that is going in the show for critique.

Nearly done with the lone star cape.


Bought some supplies to make Lirienne's undergarments.