Weaving and Drawing

So my loom is set up and I'm about half-way done with my weaving. Unfortunately, my original idea did not work. The rag strips I'm weaving were to thick to 'cross over' each other in a more detailed pattern with the double cloth pick up, so I changed it to a simple, textural diagonal stripe, which I then stuffed with scraps to make dimensional 'ridges' I'm happy with the compromise.

The edges are a total wreck though, I feel like I'm going to be fixing them up when I take it off the loom.

It's even more pillowy and 'ridged' than it looks here.

I've also been doing more drawing lately. It's been slow at work (sandals slowly getting replaced by shoes and boots already) so I get some good doodling time in.

Want to make that vest in a dimensional tambour-sort of all over embroidery.

Interested in making sort of cut away sleeves like that.

Stripey Strips and Postcards

It's actually been a pretty productive week, but my camera is rather continuously on the fritz, so not that many pictures. "New camera" is definatly high on my list of things-to-buy when I have a little money socked away--maybe after I get paid for summer institute.

So, that fat old stack of 500 has finally (two months late!) come into my possession. They're still a little pixelated and weird. But I had to pay for them anyway, so if anyone wants me to mail them one, drop me a line at regae@uarts.edu

The lovely stack of colors next to it was the result of me purchasing a cotton bedsheet at the thrift store and using up the little bits of dyes I have left. I'll probably use them for quilting sometime soon.

The colors all came out a little greyed out, but I don't really mind, at least it makes them all work together pretty well.

In other business, I have a weaving in the works. I'm attempting to do a rag-rug style weaving with wool strips, and hopefully as a double-weave pickup (we'll see if that's possible!) No pictures, but I also dyed and wound my warp this week, and have begun getting it on the loom.

The Ugly Quilt is Finished

The delay in posting is due to my determination to finish this quilt before I updated. The more I worked on it, the uglier and uglier it started looking. I blame it on the fact that I am paralyzed by printed fabric. But the hand-quilting looks lovely, I almost like the quilt better on the all-white side.

The handquilting took way longer than I thought. Major props to all you that make king-sized quilts this way. But it's worth it, I just can't get into machine quilting, plus my machine would not handle it.

I'm rather more fond of my new floor/butt pillow. I do the vast majority of my work on the floor, now that I don't have a studio. And the floor is hard, thus a butt pillow became essential. Done with the fabric my friend Astrid dyed and gifted to me, in a drunkard's path pattern.