Short and Square

So I finished my test-run floral shorts with my new altered pattern, and I'm quite happy with them. I think this cut is a little more flattering on me and my big thighs/quads, without looking like a big bro-esque cargo short. I think I'll actually wear these quite a bit (yes, probably with that shirt, or a plain blue one)

The only snag I hit was, as you can see here, I placed the pockets way, waaaay too low. Don't know what I was thinking! But an easy fix for the next go around, which will probably be with the camo twill I posted a picture of last time. Thinking of making that pair longer and tapered at the calf maybe. Also had a little bit of a stretching issue with the waistband, that'll teach me to interface it next time. 

Also happening this week: experimenting with crocheting granny squares for a secret-possible-future project. Not something I've had a lot of experience with, so it's a whole new world for me. This website has been a great starting place for tutorials. 

Special Deliveries

So 200th Blog Post Super Suprise Package winner Lety R-Z received their package, and has a little blog post about it here, go look so you can both weep at what you could have won, and check out her adorable felted creatures. PS: Lety, the semi-circle thing is a collar, I think from the 20's.

I got my own package too--sewing machine needles, finally! I also got some new hand needles and some camouflage fabric that will probably become some pants or shorts. And since it's arrived I've been sewing up a streak of spring clothing. Just in time too, all of a sudden it's gotten very warm. 
The Cloud Shorts are now 99% finished. Can't call them done because I need to order a snap for the waistband. But everything else is done! The waist band on it got a little stretched somehow, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with them. 

Lookit that topstitching! And yes, the cuff's lined. Pleased with how all this detailing turned out

Pocket topstitching not quite as nice, but still pretty good! My belt loops always look a bit ragged though, working on that. 
Because it was just a shortened 'slim jean' (let's be frank, a blatant trace off an old pair of Levi's 511) the fit on the cloud shorts is very snug on the legs, particularly since I've gained a bit of muscle since I drew up the pattern. While I don't mind it on that pair, I also wanted some looser, wider legged shorts, so I made some alterations. I made the crotch 2 inches lower, and the legs wider. 
 The bottom fabric here is currently testing the above pattern, looks good so far. The above fabric, I'm not sure about. 
The fabrics I had cut in the last post came together to make a new shirt! I think I've finally really gotten the hang of piping, it comes out much more evenly now. 

Oops, forgot to iron it before taken pictures. This shirt is also stuck at 99% done until I get some snaps, going to use some sea green pearl snaps.
 Cuff on the sleeve's got a little curvey detail to it.  
I hand appliqued the little curly things on there, they are a bit lopsided--even though I used freezer paper! Oh well, certainly still wearable. 

And in last (awful) news, my computer recently wiped it's hard drive, leaving me for the first time without my giant image reference folders, and more importantly, without all my syllabi and handouts for school. So that's a whole other project to tackle, that I'm putting off for the moment.