New Friend and Experimental Knitting

In cute news, me and my boyfriend, after talking about it for months, finally adopted a kitty. Barry was being fostered just two doors down from us by some lovely people from PAWS. Seamus had seen him in the window, and knew Barry was the one. He's very affectionate but we've had to ban him from my studio for getting into everything!
In Lenore Tawney Project news, sketching became a little impossible--too many little strands and lines to draw! So I just jumped into making some samples. I'm pretty excited that it's working out so far, but I've realized that I'm going to need like 20 DPNs to continue, so it's on hold until my new needles (size 0 ugh) come in. It's going to continue to split, until, hopefully, it relates to the shape of Lenore Tawney converging woven pieces. 

More Dear Jane, E-5 is complete! Probably work on more blocks this week as I wait for the DPNs to come in. Came out a little warped but I think it will trim down okay.

And I've added a bit more to the rag-rug. Unfortunately, three whole shirts only make it around the oval once now, as it gets bigger, so progress feels a lot slower. 

Working, Not Showing

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been working a lot, both in the studio and at my jobs, but it's been a lot more writing/sketching/planning than sewing/making.  

I did finish my Mick Jagger Halloween costume, unfortunately Hurricane Sandy made our party a little smaller than anticipated, and by Halloween itself I was partied out, so not many saw it. Always next year!

The Braid Coat is starting to come together. I'm trying desperately to finish this before getting fully involved in my Lenore Tawney piece but it looks like I may have to start that soon to get it done in time.  Next post I'll share some of my sketches for that. 

Made multiples of my jumpsuit pattern pieces for my class. I make them with a dashed 'sewing line' and an outer 'cut line' to make it easier for the kids.  I'm also teaching them to take these patterns and add volume in areas with the slash-and-spread technique. 

And with that comes my awkwardly drawn instruction pages. These are just a guideline for them, to show how the original garments would have gone together. Almost no-ones will look anything like this once they're done. 

Just fooling around with watercolors.  Starting to actually, for real outline a chunk of chapter from the comic I may or may not be working on, so trying to get back on the drawing.
Seamus's birthday card this year. He's now got my watching WWE (and, I'm not going to lie, i watch it even when he's not here) so he gets a pro-wrestling themed card with Team Hell No--the best tag-team champs!