Sawtooth and Stripes and Spirals

I can see the end of the t-shirt quilt tunnel! I'm on the very last border now, then it gets tied and stored until next winter--definitely don't need it now, it's been quite warm the last few days.
The green showing around the edges is the blanket I'm going to cover with it. I'll probably buy a jersey knit flat sheet for the back, then tie it with embroidery floss and self-bind it.
Here's the darker colors with black, making the second sawtooth row. I'm not being particularly careful about the corners, as you can probably tell.
And just today I've started to put the very last border on--a gray and black piano key. I've only got one side on so far, but it's going fairly quickly. On my next day off I'll search for floss and a backing.
And more braid is going on to the jacket, this is the sort of underarm area. Not a whole lot to talk about this week, just plugging along! If all goes well we should sign a lease for our new apartment this week--complete with studio, so that's all very exciting.

Spiral Shoulder

Excuse my dirty sock, but this has been my vantage point for most of the last week. Trying to get the basic leather strips down on the jacket, before I start with the rest of the embellishment. Getting a little nervous that I might not have enough leather...keeping my eyes out for another jacket with a similar weight of leather.
The ball and loop closures are attached to the front edge.
I've started to baste down one of the spirals on the shoulder. There's a dart on the shoulder (the straight line the comes out of the spiral runs along it) so applying leather there is strengthening the shape.
Everything that's on so far--now I need to do the other side. Then the edging, and some decorative work along the back seam and the front edges.
And I finally got some new sewing thread, so these triangles are turning into squares for my t-shirt quilt.

Many Feet of Braid!

I underestimated how long it would take to make the braided lengths to go around the edge of the coat! There's two and they're about 5 feet long apiece, which took a few hours to do in a five strand braid.
Before I can add that, however, there were some small worn patches (maybe moth holes?) across the back and shoulders that I had to patch. I think they'll be less conspicuous when the leather braid designs are on top of them, but I don't particularly mind them being visible. The clothing isn't supposed to be particularly pristine.
Nothing fancy, just extra fabric turned in and applied over. You can see one more little worn spot up on the right. I probably should have darned this but I've never been good at doing that inconspicuously.
I cut up black triangles for my t-shirt quilt's next border. I haven't forgotten about it, I just honestly need to be more sewing thread, I'm very low, and there isn't a store close by that sells it.
I also finished a few more Dear Jane blocks, here's A-7 and A-8, nice easy ones.
And A-10, which was really difficult and fiddly. I think I did fine until the outer borders, now I realize I should have put them together in a different order. Oh well, it's just a little lopsided.