Okay, so I've been terrible, I haven't updated in forever. I'm not even terribly busy at the moment, just kept putting it off. So of course I now have a ton of pictures once again. First the stuff I banged out for the Philadelphia Independent Craft Show--which was a bit of a bust, I just about broke even. Most of the people there seemed much more interested in the free beer and the band than crafts. Oh well! At the least, I spoke to a women from the Philadelphia Sewing Collective about their swap-o-rama-rama, which hopefully I can participate in! Plus it means that I can relax for the rest of the summer, since I don't think I'll do the one in August.

Anyway, market stuffs:

Some Jo-Mar weird knit and t-shirt scraps with some screen printin'



One very ugly, large gold shirt and some purple t-shirts turn into this!

With a spicy back.

Maternity dress gets fitted and ruffled, with some new buttons~

Little flower prints have been rather popular, so I took a giant old-lady dress and made it a little more modern.

Three t-shirts make one color-blocked dress.

And here's my own work! Which I'm excited to get back to.

Using up some of the t-shirt scrap I have (two whole bags full of tiny bits and pieces from all the stuff I've been doing) I'm trying to see just how tiny I can make the quilt squares, these are about 4 inches across, so about 1 inch for each patch of these 4 patch squares. Any smaller and they just get a little difficult to handle. But I'm enjoying playing with the patterns and colors.

My practice piece before I started the t-shirt patches, I'd never quilted before, so just getting used to it. I still hate patterned fabrics, but I kinda like this in a tacky sort of way.

My giant cable collection is up to 4. Still not totally sure what I'm doing with them, but I definitely need some more. Going to go check American Thrift for some more sweaters to frog, no way I'm buying that much yarn, it would cost a fortune.

Stay tuned, I'm getting back into the swing of narrative garments, so I've been working on some full-arm gloves and knit button-up spats. Woo.

Punk Roc Flea Market Aftermath

Just one picture today, I was too busy during the market to snap many more! So the PRFM was a rousing sucess, I sold a good percentage of my stuff, and it was a lot of fun. This picture was taken at the very beginning of the morning, the people behind us hadn't even set up yet. It got very crowded very, very fast, and the air conditioning was blowing people's stuff clear off their tables, so they finally turned it off.

Oddly enough, it was the much weirder, kind of kitschy stuff that sold first, I still have most of the pieces I'm really pround of, but I guess people there really wanted something different.

And if you're reading this and you bought one of my pieces, send me in a picture! I'd love to see it in it's new home.

Final note: I think I'm doing the Philadelphia Independant Craft Fair on the 12th as well, so here's to trying to replenish stock before I go!