Okay, so I've been terrible, I haven't updated in forever. I'm not even terribly busy at the moment, just kept putting it off. So of course I now have a ton of pictures once again. First the stuff I banged out for the Philadelphia Independent Craft Show--which was a bit of a bust, I just about broke even. Most of the people there seemed much more interested in the free beer and the band than crafts. Oh well! At the least, I spoke to a women from the Philadelphia Sewing Collective about their swap-o-rama-rama, which hopefully I can participate in! Plus it means that I can relax for the rest of the summer, since I don't think I'll do the one in August.

Anyway, market stuffs:

Some Jo-Mar weird knit and t-shirt scraps with some screen printin'



One very ugly, large gold shirt and some purple t-shirts turn into this!

With a spicy back.

Maternity dress gets fitted and ruffled, with some new buttons~

Little flower prints have been rather popular, so I took a giant old-lady dress and made it a little more modern.

Three t-shirts make one color-blocked dress.

And here's my own work! Which I'm excited to get back to.

Using up some of the t-shirt scrap I have (two whole bags full of tiny bits and pieces from all the stuff I've been doing) I'm trying to see just how tiny I can make the quilt squares, these are about 4 inches across, so about 1 inch for each patch of these 4 patch squares. Any smaller and they just get a little difficult to handle. But I'm enjoying playing with the patterns and colors.

My practice piece before I started the t-shirt patches, I'd never quilted before, so just getting used to it. I still hate patterned fabrics, but I kinda like this in a tacky sort of way.

My giant cable collection is up to 4. Still not totally sure what I'm doing with them, but I definitely need some more. Going to go check American Thrift for some more sweaters to frog, no way I'm buying that much yarn, it would cost a fortune.

Stay tuned, I'm getting back into the swing of narrative garments, so I've been working on some full-arm gloves and knit button-up spats. Woo.

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