Just a Few Little Things

I totally forgot in my last post that I've also been working on my Dear Jane blocks. They're great when I don't feel like working on anything else.
The last three blocks of Row A. Those tiny flying geese on A-12!

Row A is finished! Just, uh, many more to go!
And the first four of Row B. My applique is a little wobbly but I'm getting back into it.

Calm after the Storm

As you've probably noticed after a big project, I usually slow down and work on a few little ones before jumping into another big one. I do have some big things percolating, but for now it's some little holiday projects.
My boyfriend Seamus is quite a tall man, and he has a hard time finding shirts long enough for him, let alone shirts in fun patterns or colors. So for Christmas I'm making him two custom shirts. I based the pattern off one of his old shirts, adding some length in the body and sleeves. One is a floral print with yellow piping and accents. The other is a mix of a blue and white twill stripe and a toile print.
As the old quilt ladies say, I "fussy cut" the pocket to get some goats front and center on the pocket.
P-p-placket, and a little piping too on the floral shirt.
And I've been back to working on my cabled scarf. Yes, I messed up about 2/3 of the way up, no, I don't really care. When it comes to stuff I'm knitting for myself, my policy is to press on.