Stripey Strips and Postcards

It's actually been a pretty productive week, but my camera is rather continuously on the fritz, so not that many pictures. "New camera" is definatly high on my list of things-to-buy when I have a little money socked away--maybe after I get paid for summer institute.

So, that fat old stack of 500 has finally (two months late!) come into my possession. They're still a little pixelated and weird. But I had to pay for them anyway, so if anyone wants me to mail them one, drop me a line at

The lovely stack of colors next to it was the result of me purchasing a cotton bedsheet at the thrift store and using up the little bits of dyes I have left. I'll probably use them for quilting sometime soon.

The colors all came out a little greyed out, but I don't really mind, at least it makes them all work together pretty well.

In other business, I have a weaving in the works. I'm attempting to do a rag-rug style weaving with wool strips, and hopefully as a double-weave pickup (we'll see if that's possible!) No pictures, but I also dyed and wound my warp this week, and have begun getting it on the loom.

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