Weaving and Drawing

So my loom is set up and I'm about half-way done with my weaving. Unfortunately, my original idea did not work. The rag strips I'm weaving were to thick to 'cross over' each other in a more detailed pattern with the double cloth pick up, so I changed it to a simple, textural diagonal stripe, which I then stuffed with scraps to make dimensional 'ridges' I'm happy with the compromise.

The edges are a total wreck though, I feel like I'm going to be fixing them up when I take it off the loom.

It's even more pillowy and 'ridged' than it looks here.

I've also been doing more drawing lately. It's been slow at work (sandals slowly getting replaced by shoes and boots already) so I get some good doodling time in.

Want to make that vest in a dimensional tambour-sort of all over embroidery.

Interested in making sort of cut away sleeves like that.

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  1. I love your illustrations and how they always tell some odd little narrative.