The Ugly Quilt is Finished

The delay in posting is due to my determination to finish this quilt before I updated. The more I worked on it, the uglier and uglier it started looking. I blame it on the fact that I am paralyzed by printed fabric. But the hand-quilting looks lovely, I almost like the quilt better on the all-white side.

The handquilting took way longer than I thought. Major props to all you that make king-sized quilts this way. But it's worth it, I just can't get into machine quilting, plus my machine would not handle it.

I'm rather more fond of my new floor/butt pillow. I do the vast majority of my work on the floor, now that I don't have a studio. And the floor is hard, thus a butt pillow became essential. Done with the fabric my friend Astrid dyed and gifted to me, in a drunkard's path pattern.


  1. That butt pillow is beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern.

    I also have quite a collection of "tuffets" for the low life on the ground, many from the days when the only furniture in my house was a sewing table and mattress on the floor-- got to have somewhere to lounge!

  2. It's weird, I only quilt via machine... and I have a semi cheap singer... I DEFINITELY agree that props should go to anyone that handstitches a quilt...