Little Bits

Just some small progresses.

Started making a bunch of these little pencil cases, they're quick and easy and let me play with color as well as chip away at the pile of quilting cotton I have. I may put them up for sale at a later date.

The cathedral window skirt continues to grow, slowly.

I also started handquilting my bargello quilt, which was basted together last summer, then unceremoniously shoved under my bed for a year. It's taking quite a while, I'm not the world's fastest hand-quilter, and I don't have a whole class helping me out like with the fundraiser quilt.

Close up of my wavy stitching.


  1. Those pencil cases are awesome... definitely keep the internet updated if you decide to sell some. :]

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  3. Pretty pencil cases. Have you thought about drawing your characters on them and using the cases as a sketching plane?