Old Lady Time--Crochet and Quilts

So I skip yesterday. I needed a little break, and seeing as it was my day off of work, I took the whole day off. But I did get a fair amount of stuff done. The cathedral window dress is done! Except for the underskirt, which I need to think about. No pictures, I really need to get a shot on a person or mannequin, hopefully I can manage that tomorrow.

Bargello quilt is now officially a top. I added two scrappy braids to make it a normal size, since the bargello part was a little bit odd and square. Same technique as on the braided shirt. Need to layout my batting and baste it together, then I'll hand-quilt it. It'll have to wait until I can bring everything to school, I don't have enough room in my apartment for it.

Testing out some crochet meshes. As far as I can tell, they're generally used as backgrounds in filet crochet and Irish lace, but I really like them on their own. I'm thinking I like it best at extreme sizes--in thin thread, and maybe in several strands of wool, or strips of wool fabric.

Putting it to work on the side of an under-shirt. The pink thread is silk, and the undershirt is some sort of slubby raw silk, I may dye them both, I may not, after all, it's in a place that would be covered up by clothing.

Quick and dirty shoe mock-up in some crappy felt.


  1. I'm not sure you've seen this, but here is part one of a six part series showing in detail the shoe making process

    I've been pretty fascinated with shoe making lately too. At an art camp one summer we were taught how to make the pattern for shoes by taking a last and adding clay to it in order to get the desired shape (pointed toe, squared toe, whatever) then we covered that in masking tape, drew the style lines you want and then used an exacto knife to cut off the tape Then we stuck it to some paper and used it as a pattern.

    Now I just have to buy a last of my own in my size. and my shoe making can begin. haha. :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for that...I had been thinking of making a foot-and-leg mannequin to model on, but that actually makes a lot of sense, considering it's similar to how I pattern clothes. I don't have a last, but I do have a fair amount of old shoe soles which should work. Now to buy some plastilina.