Not Cheating, I swear.

But I'm going on vacation until Friday, and I'm leaving the laptop behind. But I'll have a plane ride and some down-time, so I'll keep working, and have a nice post when I get back.

Leaving you with this lovely sample, which I must admit I did not make, but was done by Emma, one of the highschoolers I helped teach at the Summer Institute at Uarts. And which I scooped out of the scrap bin. It'll probably find it's way into the inside of something--it's certainly something I could see being a treasured scrap.

Thanks Emma, for changing my mind on Shibori, a technique I often find veers off into awful "Fibre Arts" territory. With enough layers, it's really complex and almost prismatic. The class also made me appreciate silk as a material, particularly duiponi and organza. I feel like they would work really well with the wools and cottons I'm using, it's just a matter of finding them used. I think I need to start looking for old wedding dresses.

Here's my Material Wish List--I know I've only got a few readers, but hey, let me know if you have any of these things, I'm willing to trade! Condition is generally not important, I'm going to take it all apart anyway.

--Wool Sweaters, especially the natural white irish cable kind, or fair isle
--Old silk/cotton quilts, even in poor shape
--Silk wedding dresses/anything with silk yardage or cotton/silk lace.
--Old military coats/jackets
--White button-up shirts (100% cotton)
--Plaid button ups, particularly in blue/grey/green shades (100% cotton)
--Wool dress pants/skirts
--Leather jackets/scraps
--Heavy wool blankets (usually felted army types)
--Simple metal, wood, or horn buttons.

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