The New Deal

Is that I'm going to take a page from Seamus's blog Days Run Away and really give it a go updating daily, or at least semi-daily. I feel like I keep missing days until it feels too late, and then I have about a month's worth of photos, so I end up not posting half of the progress shots. So here goes.

I've been doing some little samples of new techniques. I finally figured out how to crochet, after 4-5 years of scratching my head after making a chain stitch. Don't know why it suddenly clicked, I was just staring at a drawing in one of my needlepoint books, and it all made sense.

The other piece is something called 'Hungarian Cloth?' or at least that's what the old book I saw it in called it. It's basically a dense double buttonhole. I think it'd look good black-on-black.

I really want to try Hardanger embroidery soon, just looking for an appropriate even-weave fabric. Also thinking about translating broderie anglais to wool on a large scale. And card-weaving is still in the back of my head, especially since I know i have a weaving-based project once I get back to school.

I've picked up this dress again to try and finish it by school's start--I'd really like to get it, another shirt, and a pair of shorts done before I start. We'll see.
Getting through all the needlelace sections is a grind...

I'll admit the fit's a little awkward, but it was really dictated by the size of the window-squares. Next time I'd make them a little smaller. And not out of wool (I don't have a fair picture yet, but I'm playing around with the pattern in silk organza, the transparency is really beautiful.)

The needlelace gradated from very tight to loose. I think I'll put a dark gray fabric as the underskirt, it'll soften the effect a bit I think.

More tomorrow, or so I hope!

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  1. this is so beautiful.. I've been playing with the idea of quilting on clothing myself... and I love this.