Nearly august, so much left to do...

I can feel school sneaking up on me, slowly but surely. As much as I may not have gotten much important down that's I've posted on here, I have done a lot of the grunt work--gathered a lot of materials, taken apart a lot of garments, used up two whole jars of black acid dye to dye everything gray/black. So hopefully that will clear up some time during the school year. Obviously, various black wool and cotton isn't particularly interesting to see in photos, so that's all a bit missing here.

Stuff that is photographic--oh god, more quilts. The amount of fabric doesn't seem to be going down either, I don't understand it.

Fancy Stripe Status: Getting bigger, need more white fabric.

String Quilt: top's pretty much down, need to find backing material.

Bargello Quilt: Bargello part is done, I think I'll do something on the top and bottom to stretch it out.

And I've put my new quilting experience to use in garments:

Shirt was original from Army/Navy surplus, I re-cut it, shortened the sleeves, changed the collar, and put in the braids. They were hand-pieced, and the entire shirt was handsewn. I feel like it looks much more appropriate than machine stitching would have.

The braids come from the scraps of this project, which I think I'm abandoning. It doesn't sit well (I wish I'd had a mannequin to draft it on) and I think it's too busy to work under the wing vest.

And I've been working up some tiny 2" squares in a pattern called Winding Ways with black and gray wool. I think they'll eventually be a vest, can't imagine how long that'll take to work up.


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  2. the bargello quilt owns

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