School? In July?

Yep, but this time around I'm teaching...or at least, teacher-assisting. I'm TA'ing Chrissy Day's Wearable Arts class for the high school summer program here at the university. Fringe benefits include access to the dye lab/sewing room and just being able to talk to Chrissy about my senior work. It also means cleaning up after 10 15-17 year olds that all think they are the absolute shit and leave dye everywhere.

Also, I just got a message on craftster about being profiled in some sort of package to show off to their advertisers. Not sure what to make of that, I'm not on there all that much any more.

Anyway. Pictures. Things.

Teaching myself a little blackwork technique, thought I'd try it with some color. Unfortunately, I sort of underestimated the size of the weave you're supposed to do it on, and nearly burned my eyes out taking those teeny little stitches.

Quilt Party

It might seem like a bit of a departure from my costume work, but I'm really trying to use up all the patterned fabric I have lying around. I'm sick of lugging it from place to place, and I really don't like using pattern in my clothing. So I went the traditional route, apparently called 'stashbusting' by the middle-aged quilters whose mailing list I've joined. Plus it's giving me ideas for garments using the techniques I'm picking up. And I might actually get some useful objects out of it!

Summer Assignments:

Working on a shirt to go under the wing vest I posted a bit down. Thought it would be a quickie, but making all those feathers was a pain. They're all cut on the bias in two halves, then strings are pulled to create the lines, and they're handstitched to give it seam. The shirt sections are also all bias and hand pieced.

I used nearly a whole container of Jet Black acid dye on this stuff and an old army coat that still needs another top-dye--it's all blotchy olive-and-black right now. The embroidered piece needs another go too--the cotton part didn't take the acid dye that well, so I'll re-dye it in Procion black. The crewel wool embroidery took perfectly though, I love the dark shades it turned all the colors. I found a large piece of crewel embroidery at the thrift store, I think it must have been done for a piece of furniture. Part of it is becoming a pillow for my new sofa, and the rest I've been top-dying to use in garments.
The sweater and pants will probably become another pair of breeches for The Liar.

Ughhh, so many half-into projects this summer. Here's to finishing as much as I can!

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