Workin' it out

Updating more often seems to be working out--I'm taking more in-process pictures, and I feel better about how much I'm getting done. It's easy to forget all the little things you do if you only look back every two weeks.

Promised pictures of the Cathedral Window dress yesterday, so here they are. At least it's on a mannequin--I know the pictures are not the best. One day I'll have a decent camera.

I should also mention the mannequin's chest is a little too large for it--it's meant for a fairly small person (though the fit is meant to be loose in anycase)

Now I just need to figure out the underdress. I was thinking maybe something light gray, or ombre-dyed light to dark grey? Or maybe patchworked scraps? Not sure yet.

Started over on the undershirt for the wing shirt--going simpler this time.

Cutting it out. Check out my sloppy brown-paper pattern.

Basting the shirt together to check the vest over it. I used to be too lazy to do this, but you know, it doesn't take any longer than to pin it, and it works better.

Cutting the length to match the curve of the wing.

Un-basted, then I cut slits in it to insert godets to add fullness. Not sure yet if I'm going to dye the godets or leave them white. Or if I'm going to leave the seams raw, or do french seams or bias or something. I want them on the right side, to add some line texture.

I've also been trying to crochet filet mesh with strips of wool--I think if I get a bigger crochet hook, it will work. I also top-dyed two fair-isle sweaters tonight, though one came out spotty, and I'll have to redye.


  1. wow. the cathedral window dress looks amazing on the body. fabulous work lady!

  2. hey! your dress looks awesome! have you had a chance to you use that romper pattern you put together? i'm still working on my thrift remix thing, but its coming along. here's a picture of my jacket made from plastic bags that you wanted to see.


    katie nocella