Last minute scramble

I start school in three short days--I can barely believe it. I really only finished three major pieces over the summer. I'll have to at least complete 12 over the semester. Oh boy.

Right now I'm scrambling to fully understand card/tablet weaving. I have a hard enough time charting the heddles/pedal configurations for harness loom, and I need to totally rethink that for tablet weaving. There's also a definite 'twining' involved with it. And it seems as thought once it's gone off, it doesn't go back very well. I know the first project for Advanced Fibers is going to involve weaving, so I'd really like to get this down before I jump into a major project.

Samples so far, with varying degrees of success. The one on the left is doubleweave, then a sample woven with strips of t-shirt fabric rather than yarn, then a pattern that utterly failed, screwing around with four colors, and the one I posted about earlier.


Back. I love the thickness of this--I think it would love better in faded black t-shirts though--not as slick or smooth. Or in thin wool, but I don't know where I'd find enough wool that fine.

Also learning a bit more about crochet. Don't know if I'll use it during the year, it's a bit time consuming, but maybe for fine details.

Shells! Looks rather less crafty in white cord I think.

My other fiasco right now has been the hem on my wing under-shirt. It came out a bit crooked, so I'm carefully trimming it back (having sewed it by hand, I have to undo the seam and re-anchor it) to a curve. Before, when I was trying to hem it, it was sticking out awkwardly, I'm hoping this will help.

Yes, I have photoshopped in a red line to indicate the new hemline--my yellow tailor's chalk didn't show too well.

Sleeves are also put together--I think there'll be a band or belt-ish thing around the bottom, I'm not a big fan of bell sleeves.

Last thing--still playing with filet crochet, when I came upon this lovely photo in one of my needlework books.

Aha--a plaid effect!

In t-shirt strips, it's nice and thick, and the over-lay makes it solid. The crochet is easily shaped--might make a good coat. Again, wish I could find good material for it in a wool, but we'll see.

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