Up and at 'em

Two days, two projects assigned, too much to do already.

Wednesday was Advanced Fibers--our long-term assignment is pretty much 'do whatever you want, but use weaving in it.) Our short-term assignment is to get 3 warps on a loom for our workshop next week with Pam Pawl. We split into groups--unfortunately, my group got stuck with a pattern with a striped warp, and we were only provided with white cotton. So tonight was dye-night for that.

Swifted yarn and dyes.

All dyed--I just threw in a little of this, a little of that, since I wasn't trying for any particular color. The weaving gods were on my side tonight too--I managed to get these back on the swift and wound up on the ball winder with no major tangles.

It will be nice to have a workshop with such an accomplished weaver, but I'm concerned from the instructions she left us that she assumes we know a lot more about weaving than we actually do.

Thursday was Projects III, and our assignment was equally open. "Do whatever you want in one week" Okay, so that last part's a little concerning for me. Garments in one week do not go well. So I made a list of things possible in that time period--gloves, hats, underwear, neck pieces--but I decided on a pair of tights/leggings/almost pants.

They will eventually go with the wing shirt and vest, and whatever skirt/knickers go under it.

Cutting out the pattern--the mesh is an army laundry bag--it's cotton and a lot heavier than fishnet. The solid was a merino wool skirt--on the top, it's there for coverage and warmth, on the bottom, to anchor it, and make it easy to put boots on over it. These areas will not be covered with feathers.

Cutting feathers--the leather was originally a really hideous leather trenchcoat. But it was made of nice leather and it was in the trash, so I took it. I'll save the scraps, they may come in handy someday. (I save the smallest little bit of fabric!)

Testing it out--I like seeing both the leather and the suede sides.

I also got my new studio set up, I'm pretty happy:

That giant pink thing in the corner is 15 yards of hot pink faux fur. I have no clue what I'm going to do with it.

My shelves of monochromatic fabric.

As for now, I'm putting together the pieces of the leggings in the studio, I will probably go home soon (now that I'm done dying my warp) and keep working!

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  1. Such a great, informative post! I've always wanted to learn more about fabrics! Your studio looks fantastic!