Tired Mornings are Here Again

Dragging today--I've had a cup of coffee, and it only succeeded in making me jittery. In any case, here's a lunch-time update.

Ex-Cos Uniform Project--check out my lumberjack jumpsuit:

New Experimental costume project! It's for the Lost in Translation piece, though thankfully Chrissy didn't insist I copy a garment for the third time (I've done the project twice before) particularly since the technique I'm working with is a little more of a construction type thing than 'pattern it out and make the pieces' thing.

It's essentially wool chainmail--I'm using a traditional English 1-in-6 chain mail pattern to join little loops of wool. Don't exactly know what the form is going to be, but it's got a good stiffeness to it, so I'd like it to come off the body.

My other sample--cathedral windows in organza. Doesn't look as nice as I thought it would.

Shoes are just about done. Just need to line them in fur. I already filmed them, once the footage is edited, I'll post it up.

Modeled by my lovely classmate Annette:

There! It's taken me 7 hours to finish this post, haha. A long night of sewing together chainmail tubes ahead.

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