Door to Nowhere

Ohh, let it slip too long again. Anyway, rounding up on a bunch of projects, next week will be finish-up/installation hell.

Experimental Costume: Oh, it's going, but slowly. Sewing a million little tiny rectangles into tubes, then chaining them together is tedious work. I was originally planning on making it a vest or singlet type shape, but it's just not possible, so I'm settling on a hood shape.

So far, sorry about my terribly creepy mannequin here.

What the rest of the piece will look like, if all goes well. The shaping's a little difficult, because it's not a technique like crochet where you can just add what you need wherever.

And here's a Projects/Advanced mash-up. The door is for Projects, it'll be part of the installation piece that goes along with the shoes. The weaving's for Advanced.

I've been taking off the veneer on the door rather painstakingly with a boxcutter and a spackling knife. The wood underneath is much nicer. The handle came off an old guitar case. I removed the door's original doorknob, it was ugly and new-looking. I'll cover up the hole eventually.

Weaving close up. The colors came out rather off, but I like the gradation at least.

I also brought my clothes rack to school the other day--here's my tiny little group of garments:

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