Door to Nowhere Part Two

Critique Day

The Piece:

The Crit:
The second the words "nostalgia" and "loneliness" came up, I knew it wasn't really going to go well. I'm not totally sure how to get across that the items I'm presenting are meant to be 'in use' not 'used.' I suppose I set myself up for it by using reconstructed/'old' materials--but that ties into the characters and narrative. Of course, my audience won't know that unless I tell them, so now I'm stuck trying to figure out just how much narrative I should tell, and how much I should leave to infer.
This was further confused by the fact that they first told me that I needed to talk about the character and narrative in my presentation, then later told me that I shouldn't really make any of that clear, so I'm confused.
I think I may start trying to write somethings out here in the following weeks, see how it goes...

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  1. woah! i had ideas like this one once! close-ups?! please?! lookin' good, lady!