Chainmail and Reds and Drawings

Misplaced my camera's SD card, so there was little to post, but now I've got it back and am ready to update!

The chainmail is done! Well not in this picture, I still needed to put the buckles on the one side. I really rather like this shot though--The gesture of putting it on is so much more clear to me, seeing this. Perhaps I need to take more photos of putting on/taking off the garments. It seems important...

On my creepy mannequin. I'm super happy with the form. Unfortunately, it doesn't have shoulders, so I'm going to once again subject one of my friends with duct-taping to make a torso/arm form to draft on.

I also really like this hook--it's actually from two separate closures. The ring is from an army bag, and the odd hook thing is from some sort of strange harness I've had lying around.

My critique for it went really well, even if it was not wholly finished. Hearing peoples reactions and thoughts about the narrative behind it is always interesting. Particularly the ideas of when and where it's taking place--the level of technology present, the climate, the surroundings. All things I need to think about.

In other news, I've begun dying a load of silk in different shades of red. Easier said than done, it wants to turn pink. I need to set up a really strong yellow pot and leave it all in there forever.

And I got a new sketchbook--I shelled out for a moleskine, and it does make a big difference to be able to use watercolors in my sketch book. Sorry for the bad quality, it's difficult to get photos of drawings.

A drawing to go with the door piece. The proportions are all messed up, but I'm trying to draw from life/photos more. I like the coloring though, I haven't used watercolor in a long time.

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