Presentation Next Post

Thanks for the feedback folks! It's interesting to see who's reading. I only see the small amount that publicly follow the blog, so it was all new names to me.

Hi! How are you? Feel free to say howdy.

Anyway. Consensus seemed to be in favor of me posting up my senior presentation, but it's going to take me a bit to get the slides into picture format. So instead, today, some progress pictures and shots from a little bit of dress-up.

The red quilting is growing. It's nearly big enough for the back part of the vest/jacket it's going to line. Still have to do the two front pieces though.

The back of the jacket so far, just want to show off my lovely handstitched armholes.

Checking out how it looks placed inside as lining.

I also recieved my leather, and cut the pattern for the arm-guards. It's a layer of heavy suede, and a layer of thick wool.

Monday night, my lovely friend Diana helped me take stock of the pieces I've made so far by taking some shots of me putting them on/taking them off/wearing them together. It gives me a good idea on how they look, as well as the motions involved with wearing them. Some of my favorite shots:


  1. At first I thought your arm guard pieces were how the leather came....then i read a litle more. so the red quilty stuff is lining (?) a vest/jacket? just the back, or all over?

  2. haha, noo, just very strange pattern pieces. The quilting is a full lining, I've only start the back piece of it though. Promise better photos now that I've found my camera.