If you ever saw something on this blog, and thought "Gee, I want that!" now's your chance to own a little piece! Send all interested emails to bleachrainbow@hotmail.com

Also, please keep in mind, most of these are art-pieces--they're totally wearable, but may not be perfectly made!

Ever needed a pair of warm, fashionable Bright Red Cha-Cha Leggings?
Lovely jersey knit leggings with ruffled panels. Securely serged together with finished elastic waistband and cuffs. Ruffles are raw edged. If you really, really want the shirt for some reason, I'll throw it in.
Waist: stretchy, about a medium legging size--probably 28-32 waist
Hips: roomy, probably 34-38
Fabu Price: $40.00

For those occasions when you need to keep an eye on your surroundings, this Fringed Eye Skirt is perfect.
Full, inverted pleat skirt with upholstery fringe eye detail, quilted velvet hem and button placket. Great shape, very solid, the button holes on the back are not the most beautiful things in the world though.
Waist: 28-30 inches
Hips: Free
Length: 27 inches (just below knee on 5'4" model)

I don't know what you'd make with this, but it's totally necessary to have some Electric Animal Yardage lying around.
Hand screenprinted cotton broad cloth in teal and yellow on white, with cute little eels, lightning bugs, jellyfish and anglers! A 42" by 60" piece with a 23" square cut out. Still lots of fabric!

Absolutely necessary for your 'Under the Sea' themed school dance is this Jellyfish Bubble Skirt
Cotton velvet and lots of painstaking cotton hand embroidery. Long strands of embroidery floss hang down from it--you can cut these off or knot them or leave them, whatever. They do move so nicely though! Only downside is a rather ugly lining out of panic and necessity.
Waist: 28"-32"
Hips: Rather snug, but the model had around 36" hips
Length: 29"
The "I spent over 40 hours on this, please pay me less than minimum wage price of: $200"

For both fencing and space travel, look stylish in this Quilted Horn Suit
Heavy cotton/poly sweatshirt material and poly filling make it warm and cozy. Corded quilting makes it rather substantial. The sides are a stretch knit with more piping/cording. The undershirt with funny little hood is included, the pants in the first picture are not, they were badly designed and split several seams the night I wore them.
As a note, the last picture shows some stains that are visible on the piece. It was made to answer an assignment about 'relics' and so was let to get dirty naturally as I worked on it. So it's got some smudges and stains on it. I suppose you could probably wash it, frankly, I wouldn't...they're sort of there for a reason, but hey, you buy it, you do what you want!
Get this stylin' piece of retro futurism for: $200

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  1. OMG! I've totally always loved that print!!! who's the lucky person who now is in possession!?