Every Coat has a Red LIning

Updating was a bit delayed this week because I was under the mistaken impression that I had a Projects critique today--not only is it not today, it's not for another two weeks. So that's a sigh of relief, but I sure wish I hadn't stayed up until 4 two days in a row.

The bright side: The lining for Leoh's vest/jacket is all pieced and basted into the jacket.

Attaching the armholes, anchoring the lining in.

Cotton batting in between the lining and the outer layer.

Basted into the coat--now I have to go through and quilt the whole thing--just a stitch-in-the-ditch, brought through to the other side to make a subtle, black-on-black effect.

Chest I'm refinishing for Advanced--more on this as I get further with it. Right now I'm just trying to get a nasty finish off. It was originally a four-track/record player, but I ripped all the electronics out.

Starting to sew the pieces together for the arm guards. You can see the little shoulder pieces formed up already.

Double layers of wool and suede. The suede is extremely thick, I need to use an awl to punch holes before I sew--it makes my hands hurt.

After I attached the wool to the front, I drew diagonal diamonds on the inside, then 'quilted' it through the wool and leather--this will form cutaways later.

Nasty flash, but you can start to see the 'quilting'


  1. that lining looks amazing! are you adding sleeves to the jacket?

  2. nope, it's more a long vest than a jacket. I really need to do a better sketch

  3. I just Thought about this.... did you hand sew the lining piece-work?