Quickie Quickie

Sorry for the brevity, but I've misplaced my camera, so all you get is a bad iPhoto shot and some pictures I took a few days ago. Oh, and a bunch of sketches.

Yes, I went through a lot of sketches with this one. And a *lot* of modeling. I think, though, once the drawings got more specific, the physical models came out a lot better. At the moment, in between typing, I'm drafting the top portion. Nearly there! Making paper hinges and paper D-rings was pretty fun though~! Next step: cut pattern in heavy wool and suede.

And after two or three more baths of a million different colors, I have some shades that are red or just about. They are supposed to look different, don't worry. Sewing them together in the hexagonal pattern usually known as "Grandmother's Flower Garden" I doubt it will look much like flowers when finished though! This will eventually be the lining in a coat, then I want quilt it through all the layers, through to the outside of the coat, then make that dimensional with a thick stitch (just on the outside, black on black) and add pupils.

Had a good chat today on the 'reality' of the pieces I make. I don't know exactly the reasoning behind it yet, but it seems really important for me to make things that are very 'real' They might be strange, but if they are considered, and finished, and crafted just as they 'would have been' if the people and places really existed, I think it helps bring it out from being costume. I mean, it's not fashion either--I don't intend for people to buy and wear them, and I want to give them more of a context than you see from fashion generally. But I don't think it's a coincidence that I look at fashion more than I look at a lot of 'art garments' or 'art for the body' or whatever you want to call it.

Okay--reader choice time. All 17 of you. Recently I did a powerpoint on my work and influences that I think summed up a lot of my thoughts and concepts as far as my work goes. Would you be interested in me posting it up with a paraphrased version of my talk? It's a good summary, dunno if 30 pictures might be a bit much though. Let me know!


  1. sure. I love looking at your stuff, it always has a presence you don't normally find. otherworldly, while still being very...um..homespun? dont know if that sounds right, but it feels like an adiquate title to it.

  2. I think it would be interesting to 'hear' your talk.

    I love seeing your work and think this could add another dimention to it.

  3. Are you sure you only have 17 readers? I love this blog so much. Your work is so inspiring and well-made. I'm studying painting in Australia and we don't seem to have a course similar to yours at my art school, we do have a textiles course but it's very different to what you do. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I'm reading and I really love looking at your beautiful work. So yes, I'd read it too. :)

  4. Ross--Haha, I'm okay with 'homespun,' I am a craftsmen at the end of it all.

    Louise--I was just going by who popped up on my 'followers' thingy. Good to see there are other people out there too! And the work I'm doing is pretty atypical for the program I'm in, most of the work is more sculptural.