Five Whole Days--

Did you miss me? Gave myself a little blog-break after the one-week project from hell, though I'm right back into the mix of my work. Current Class Status:

Advanced Fibers--presenting my idea tomorrow--I will try and take a picture of my sketch/sample soon. I'm working with a simple weave on a gradated warp-painting and gradating dyed weft.

Exp. Costuming--I've mostly been helping people get on track with the sewing machines--our first project was a t-shirt remix, I made some awful little shorts that I drafted wrong (which you don't need to see) and am working on what boils down to a lumberjack onesie right now. But the "Lost in Translation" constructed surface piece is coming up, so that'll be interesting.

Projects--So first we had a one-week project, now we're onto a two-week project. Though, for me, I want to film them in action, so it's really one week to finish the shoes, one week to film. And I'm making shoes. Which I have no experience doing.

The process so far:

Drafting a pattern, it's changed a bit since then.

Putting it to paper.

Some of the pieces being put together--I used the same cording technique as on the wing-vest.

Hammering the holes in the sole--I didn't take a better picture of the heel construction, but it's two layers of leather with a layer of wool inbetween it.

Just basting the sole on--I'm using a thicker waxed linen as I type this to make a more secure seam.

So far! The inside brown leather will be covered with a fur inner sole eventually.

And just because it's awesome, check out my latest scary-South-Philly thrift-store find:

Tomorrow I will try to get together all the photos I just got back from Warren Seelig of my work from last year.

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