The Warp is Worth the Wind!

Or so my good mate Betty claims. Of course, Betty can set up a loom in a few hours flawlessly, so that's easy for her to say!

Not that I can complain--even after a nerve-wracking moment when I had to move my warp during painting it (a process I forgot to document, oops!) everything seems to have gone smoothly!

My worst nightmare!

All through the harnesses! You can sort of see the warp painting--it fades from black to white

The only real issue was that the warp and the weft turned different shades of gray! The warp is a very blue/green gray, and the weft is a more brown/peach shade. It's the same yarn, same dye, but some how immersion dying and warp-painting produce totally different colors! I sort of like the idea of using a warm gray against a cool one.

The shoes are nearly done--

Just need to put in the inner sole (fur!) and make the laces-- the ribbons are just there to show it closed.

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