Back up North

I thought I wouldn't have much to post on, but once I start taking pictures, I realize I do~

Apparently my idea of a relaxing plane-and-vacation project is setting in about a dozen godets with hand-done french seams. On heavy cotton. I'm taking a rest tonight because of it--my hand's hurting a bit.

I may add horse-hair to the bottom hem to give it a little more floof.

Spreading it out--it's a little more than a half-circle.

Now I'm carefully stitching on a waist band to hide the slightly messy tops. The only problem so far is that the french seams pulled it in a little, and I may need to add some fabric to the middle front, but I have to put a button placket there anyway, so I'll probably make it decorative.

Okay, so my first crochet project probably shouldn't have been this complex. You can see how uneven it got at the bottom. I'm not too bothered about it though. Working my way over to the crotch area, that'll be fun to figure out.

I've still been toying around with the idea of giant filet crochet. I gave it another go.

I crochet with strips (like in a rag rug) then took the resultant mesh and used it as a giant needlepoint mesh. It's an interesting texture, I think I'd like it more a bit neater. I might try it again with sewn tubes, though that'll make it take much longer.

Of course the back's a nightmare. But I bet it would be quite warm. Might make a good coat.

And I'm going to end with a gift and a find. Both have been tugging at my brain, thinking about how to rightly use them.

Beautiful piece of hand-done crewel embroidery I found lost in a thrift store. I kept the large piece, but the smaller bits I top-dyed black. I really love the palette that resulted, I may top-dye a good deal of my crewel wool yarn to use.

The original colors. This'll eventually be a pillow for my couch, if I ever buy stuffing.

The other is a gift from my mate Diana who gave me these amazing bits and beads from her grandmother's stash of wedding-dress supplies.


  1. great finds! im in ball state now! yay, classes start monday :p. yea, im still lurking and stalking your posts XD