Slightly Tipsy Post

Hope it goes okay. Probably less text than normal. A lovely night out with friends, but a promise is a promise, and an update is an update.

Basted together the bargello quilt, it feels so much more real now with that thin layer of batting and backing. Can't imagine how long it'll take to quilt it. It's a long-term sort of project.

But my big project today was learning how to do card-weaving. It's a simple way to bypass a loom, but still get the effects of harness weaving. I think you can get nearly any effect you can with 4 harnesses with the technique, it's just a matter of translating the designs to the cards, holes, way they are threaded through, and the way you turn them.

Starting to thread the cards. I will probably use masonite or balsa wood next time, the cardboard bent and was awful to punch holes in. This pattern called for 22 cards.

Here I am working on it--yes, it is attached to my belt-loop. And if you were ever curious as to how I look out of costume, that's pretty much it. It's a terribly short warp, because I just wanted to give it a go. It's also really awfully tensioned, which I figured out is a problem--the strings kept getting caught on the cards.

Turning the cards, separating the shed as I go. Hopefully, if I make the tension more even, I can turn them all at once, I had to do it individually.

Finished sample--my back had had enough.

The cloth is surprisingly thick and strong. I *think* it's a sort of double clothing, though I'm not sure.

I'll talk later when I'm feeling more capable about my plans for this technique.

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