In the same day I borrowed my mate Diana's camera to update, I also found my own camera, buried under a drift of army surplus from my new best friend I. Goldberg. So get ready for quite a flood of pictures. I guess I will try to break them up a little bit for readability

First, the oldest, most out-of-date pictures. I found these on my camera when I recovered it, and was so happy I managed to snag a few pictures of my robots before I handed them over to the lovely guys of the band Deadly Technologies.

These were quite a challenge--two people-sized robots that could be taken apart, and were light enough to carry around on tour for under $100. They also had be able to be open to the back, so they could be entered and performed in. I decided on a PVC frame--light weight and modular--with a "slipcover" of upholstery fabric with silver fabric over top.

The PVC frame works in progress. I ended up having to drill hole in all the PVC connector, because a four-way connector configuration did not come in 1" diameter. It is a major pain to drill PVC, and an even bigger pain when your 1" drill bit is slightly smaller than one inch.

Heads, which are made of a dollar store plastic bin and some foam balls with glitter (I will take any excuse to use some glitter) The sheer panels in the sides allow the band to put mics up to them to sing through.

Two very happy customers! Definately a fun project, even if it was difficult to do on top of my school work.

Okay! One post, one project down. Next up: My Fleisher Art Memorial award.

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