Ok ok, one more, maybe it'll help

My apologies, I drank a cup of coffee and a cup of tea, and now I'm on a manic streak, so enjoy one night, two posts, rather than two months, no posts.

Here's my final piece for projects. Probably the piece I am happiest with yet. Terrible, awful photos, since I just stole it back from my closed-up studio and took some quick shots. I promise once the under-shirt is done (I'm working on it now!) I'll do some better pictures with a proper model.

First, a few in-progress.

Sketching out the shape. Not actually having any classes on draping/patternmaking, I saw the people on Project Runway use tape on their mannequins in a similar way. One day I'll know how to make clothing the real way.

This one presented a challenge because it was made of a Dutch Army officer's jacket (two, in fact) and the pieces I could get from it were quite narrow--so I would tape up the manny, test the pieces, re-tape, ect.

In progress--Don't have any pictures between.

Close up on the texture and some explanation. The technique I used is based off of traditional Italian quilting and cording. I carefully hand-sewed 'channels' in the two layers of wool, and inserted a stiff cotton cord into it, to create a dimensional effect. I added the cord as I was going (each feather is a separate piece of cord)so there was no need to cut slits to get it through, and the piece is reversable, which will be important later.

Finished awful pictures:

The cording gave it good stiffness and structure--like the boning in a corset.

The back hook is a little junked up--I think I need to add a second or move it down a bit.

And now the inside-Like the bag, working with the idea of color as something hidden and personal.

All hand-done crewel embroidery. I had to work very carefully to keep it all on the surface of the inside (that is, to not penetrate through to the outside) Feather stitch and chain stitch.

phew. Okay. Next one will play some catch up to this summer. Not that I've done that much, but there's a bit.


  1. I cannot imagine the time and patience to do so much work by hand.

    you are amazing

  2. You never cease to amaze me! The amount of time and thought you put into your work is astounding. I love all of your latest projects, but this one really stands out.

  3. This is beautiful! Its really helpful having the tape on the mannequins as when you need to make the pattern you can measure exactly how much you need an wear. You can also get a better idea of how it's going to look in real life.