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Well, the senior show is over, school's over. All that's left is to show up and get my diploma on Thursday, which means I no longer have any excuse for not updating. I'm going to do the best I can to get back into an every-other-day schedule.

The show went well, in all honesty it was a bit of an anti-climax for me. I had to be finished with the whole outfit almost two weeks prior to get it photographed, so much of my time leading up to the show was spent working on the website and doing liberal arts work. I wasn't actually working on anything, so I just felt weird the whole time.

My baby the senior show website, can be seen HERE

The whole show--I'm behind one of the white dividing walls. The walls were designed and set up really fantastically, I have to give great credit to our exhibition design crew. It made the space look so, so much better.

My little corner, I tried to set up the space so that people would be able to see back and front of the mannequins, and I think it worked out pretty well. I'm also so pleased I did the photography, people were really investigating them, and I got a lot of interesting feedback on them. The format and formality of the shots really both helped relay information about what you're looking at, and made the work seem a little less nostalgic.

And happily, me and Don Miller were able to figure out how to drill into the ceiling securely enough to suspend my work.

My dummy/doll/squishy people were completely trashed by the end though. Apparently news-paper stuffed plastic wrap is not great under stress.

Anyway, it was lovely, but it's all over, taken down, dummies were tossed and clothes packed away in rubbermaid bins. And then I had to bring home my studio. I'll definately miss having a nice, open space just to work in. I've now taken up under the bed, most of one closet, and half of the living room with material and tools that I've accumulated. When you work with reclaimed materials, you tend to just sort of pick up appropriate materials as you go, and hope they come in handy. And I keep all my little bits and pieces too.

There's another grid on the other wall, plus a three-drawer thingy in the corner.

Before I left school for good, I shelled out some dough to work on something I've wanted to do for a while--a cathedral window skirt, in cotton organdy, in a gradated gray. So I bought ten yards (which is way more than you think!) and dyed it up on my last day of school.

The gradient--more subtle than I thought it would be, and still just a *touch* purpley. I might put the whole skirt in a light yellowy bath when I'm done, but I was running out of studio time.

One of the benefits of cotton organdy over organza is that it rips easily and evenly.

Cut into squares, then ironed into the little fortune-teller shapes that will make the cathedrals.

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