The scarf is done, blocked, and fringed. It's insanely thick, so I don't think he'll be wearing it until it really cools down. I did have him try it on for a photo though.
This is our seldom-used, seed covered back yard. In anycase, I'm glad it's long enough. The last scarf I made for him ended up at an awkard not-quite-long-enough length, so I erred on the large side this time. It's longer than I am tall, nearly 6' long.

My strips of plaid have finally started coming together. I went to fabric row over the weekend and picked up a golden yellow to use for the centers of the log cabins, and started throwing some together.
I love the barn raising layout, and I'm happy that the light/dark contrast is looking pretty good. Now I need about 100 more blocks! I hope I have enough strips.
And the lace keeps on going. I'm getting more even as I go, but some of the first ones are really lopsided...that's what I get for not doing more samples...

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  1. I feel like a jerk for just ogling all the time... but I feel so out of my league just staring at all your work. it's truly amazing.

    I once had a blouse that looked similar to what you're doing with the bias tape... It was amazing and I always got compliments on it.. It had solid cap sleeves and somehow maintained a shirt shape though it wasn't attached to anything solid anywhere but the sleeves... [obviously I wore something under it ;)]