Tiny Gift and Trial and Error

First a small gift for Seamus for Valentines Day's (which is also our anniversary, approximately, makes gift-giving easier!) It's the symbol for Chapter of Rose Croix in the Scottish Rite of Masonry, which he has recently joined. It's truly a tiny gift, only about 1 3/4" diameter. Done in chain stitch with sewing thread. I'll probably go back and fill in the little white bit peeking through on the rose, I didn't notice it until looking at the picture.
I recently de-plied a whole ton of white three-ply rug/needlepoint yarn (the type pre-cut into yard-long lengths) and wound them up on cardboard. I really wanted to knit my under-horn head covering with them, but I was having some problems with the sturdyness of it if I just held two strands together to join.
So right now I'm knitting a mock up in some frogged sweater yarn (a super soft wool/cashmere blend, I really want a hat made out of it for myself) and debating whether to just make it in this yarn, or re-try it in the salvaged yarn. Not certain yet, though I love the variation in the de-plied yarn. Thoughts?

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