Mariah's Coat Photoset

So before I delivered the coat I did a bit of a photoshoot, so at least I have something to show for it! Though really now, thinking back on all the other bits of clothing I've kept and given away, I think I'm always happier when a piece is with someone who will wear it.

So the rest of the outfit is a bit of a pastiche of bits from Lirienne's and Leoh's, but I figured that was better than just wearing it with black pants/shirt. I am wearing the horn headpiece and coif though!
With the sleeve cuffs buttoned. I love how the quilting really gave the coat some body, it makes the pleating into the sleeve cuff look really molded. I think the weird raglan cut of the original garment also helped give it that shape.
Side view, with one sleeve buttoned, and one sleeve left hanging.
Back view, my poor stocking's falling down. Putting on Leoh's shoes again I realize I really need to get back into shoe-making. Also that they are awfully uncomfortable.
Some closeups--with both the sleeves hanging it's almost more like a cape.
All-in-all, I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I'm happy it found a good home. And I'm happy that now I'm back to getting normal amounts of sleep and being able to work on a variety of things!

Speaking of which I finished another Dear Jane block last night, A-11:
I'm addicted to the little things! Unfortunately, has stopped selling sets of solid color fat quarters, anyone know where else to get them for cheap or do I really have to buy a yard of a whole bunch of different colors individually?


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