Toting, Sketching

Row D is finished, Row E is just begun. At this rate, I'll be done with this quilt in 4 or 5 years, haha! But I keep on trucking, slowly. This is D-11 to E-2. Pretty straightforward blocks, I think the diamond-in-a-square might have been the easiest one yet. A lot of teal and purple in these blocks!

A quickie project. I was sick of carrying around ugly freebie totes that I've gotten from shoe companies, so I decided to make one myself. Super easy, and I quite like it, I might go to Jomar and get some more ribbon/tape for straps. It's a little hard to get in a photo, but the straps on this are a floro, safety orange. 

All nice and clean inside! I modeled it after one I got from Sofft shoes. It's about 3/4 of the size of that one though (the side pieces are 8"x16") I might make a full sized one too. 

Quite pleased! I know it a really simple thing, but I wonder if I could sell a few of them? Anyone interested?

I've also been taking a lot of time to sketch lately, trying to get back into drawing for the possible-comic-project I don't really want to talk about yet. I feel super, super rusty but it also feels good to work it out. 
Practicing with brush-and-ink. I searched 'lounging' on flickr, had a lot of fun drawing all the weird ways people 'lounge'

More brush and ink and watercolor. Trying to break the sort of anime-ish 'one-face' syndrome I had when I was younger--working on giving the characters very distinct body and face types. 

More watercolor sketching.
And even some creature creation, which is something I really have never done before. It's a Maid-Troll, a sort of low-level demon you can summon to clean your dorm room for you. Or something. Really I just wanted to try and draw a very ugly creature in a little maid outfit. 

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