Masks and Misc.

Like usual, whenever I finish a big project, I'm a little lost afterwards. It feels freeing at first to not have something you are obligated to work on, but then you're not really sure what it is you want to work on. And none of my currently in-progress projects looked appealing (unfortunately!)
So as a quick little one-off project, I made Barry a kitty bed. He's happily claimed it as his own, and sleeps on it every night. He also has a long thing pillow that I made for him in the window when he naps out there. 
Now this started out as a bit of fun, blow-off-steam sort of project, but I think it's going to lead to something more serious. I've been watching far too much WWE pro-wrestling lately, and yes, I know that makes me a big nerdy 14 year old. But on the positive side, it's gotten me back into working out seriously and made me fascinated with the terrible/awesome outfits wrestlers wear. I decided to, just for fun, pattern out a luchadore-style mask, and after a few drafts, I think I was pretty successful. 

So of course I made up a sample one with the absolute tackiest fabric I can find, a floral crushed velvet that was once an enormous button up shirt. I like to think Macho Man Randy Savage would approve. 

Nothing quite this wonderful and tacky in the WWE right now, sadly.

More of a side view, it makes my already round face look very chubbed out though. Added some gold trim for the finishing touch. 

And, since I've once again caved and bought a moleskine, I can now do some watercolors in my sketchbook! I'm trying to get myself back into working with color a bit more. 

Seamus bought a new JLI trade paperback, and I couldn't help but do some doodles of the gang (and the Creeper) JLI makes me love Mr. Miracle, and now I'm wondering where else to start with his character. 

And to further show my stupid love of the fake wrestling (hey it's good practice for drawing different body types and strange poses, right?) a little bit of Team Hell No (this is a pretty good introduction), and I think that's Del Rio doing a cross-arm breaker on the other side. Cheapy Crayola markers actually work pretty nicely on this paper. 

As an aside, my next post will be my 200th!! I'm thinking of having a little give-away (don't know if I really have enough traffic for one though?) Keep an eye out!


  1. Just to say, I don't usually comment (there's only so many ways you can say 'you're awesome') but I check the feed every day and come by whenever you post.

  2. I would love to see a full luchadore costume made entirely from thrift store or found fabrics. The Chintzinator.