Chain Quilting

Posting has been slowed because I was back on a slow grind again. I kept putting off hand quilting my Irish Chain quilt, but it's getting warmer out, and I need a light weight blanket for my bed, so I had to really buckle down.

I had to get it *usable* if not finished so I got all the diagonals quilted, and did the circles in the center of each gray block, then did the binding. I'll do the motifs in the center of each circle as I get the chance, but at least I can put it on my bed now and get rid of the heavy comforter.

It's very big, which is good, my boyfriend is very tall, and it needs to cover both of us!

Drawing out the center wreath motif. 

My very sophisticated templates--the top of a cookie container and a piece of posterboard. 

I did manage to get one motif quilted, just to see how it looks. I'll keep plugging away at them! I realized you can't really see the binding in any of these shots, but I just pulled the backing around to the front.  

In other updates, did a few more Dear Jane blocks, they always cheer me up. F-8 through F-13. Nearly halfway through the main blocks. At this rate it should be finished in, oh, 2016 or so. 

And a super quick project, I've begun jogging a bit and needed something to hold my iPod, so I made a little  arm band. In making this, I measured around my bicep--11 inches now! It was about 9" when I started working out, so hurray for that. I've also nearly got abs--nice to see positive results. 

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  1. My go-to material for templates is cereal boxes. I love that your ipod case is velvet--very classy!