Clearing the Shelves

Finally done with Summer Institute. It's a lot of fun, and I had a great group of kids, but it's nice to have some more down time. I've begun trying to use up some of the shelves of fabric that I keep accumulating. Not materials for 'work-work' just the junk I pick up at thrift stores and forget about.

To the end I finally got around to making something with the camo fabric I bought a few months ago. I've been seeing tons of camo pants in stores right now, so I figured I might as well give 'em a try. With each new 'regular clothing' project, I'm going to try to learn a new technique. This time around, it was a turn up contrast cuff.

I quite like the way the fit came out on these, I used my 'looser/lower crotch' modified shorts pattern then tapered the leg on them. They are a little higher-waisted than I normally wear, but I think as I wear them, they will stretch a bit and slouch down. 

And the turn-up cuffs, I thought a dainty little floral print would set off the camo pattern a little bit. You can roll them up or leave them down.  Next time I would taper the leg opening slightly less, because they're a bit tight on my calves when rolled up right now. I also have a little bit of an odd problem with the seam twisting around to the front, which was present in the original Levi's I based the pants pattern off of. I might try and correct that by moving the inseam around a bit to the front on the next pair. 

Fabric number two to get used up was a cute yellow floral twill from the thrift store. There wasn't a whole lot of it--not enough for shorts or a jacket, so I decided to use my jean-jacket pattern to make a sleeveless version. I quite like my little jean-vest! I need to buy some more snaps for the front though. Also tried a new way of attaching the one-piece collar, and it's probably the neatest looking collar I've done yet. 

Admission time though, can you tell what I screwed up? I put the bottom band on upside down. Didn't care enough to rip it off and redo though. 

Ahh, but look at my perfect french seams and nice bias finishing on the armhole!

And finally, something more nerdy-dumb-wrassling related. I found this awful, awful fabric at the thrift store, and knew it was perfect for a tribute to one of my favorite new guys in NXT, Enzo Amore. A Bonafied-G and a Certified Stud, and most certainly not SAWWWWWFT. 

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