Fibers Symposium: OVER

Well, our three-day-jaunt of dressing up, eating well, and talking about Fibers is over. And I can't say I'm that broken up about it (except for the eating well). It was a long few days and I was left a little disappointed.

Official Symposium Site

The keynote speaker, Gerhardt Knodel was excellent--well spoken and clear and interesting. But the speakers on Saturday...the whole theme of the event was 'Materiality' and they seemed to be focusing a lot more on categorization and schematics than materiality. Also, there were many students and artists there at the event, and I really feel an opportunity was lost by not having a forum for the students to really discuss their work and their thoughts on materiality, and share with each other.

Right now work begins on my pulled-through embroidery skirt. My original idea was peacocks, but as I began to drape the fabric, it looked sort of like a strange jellyfish, so I went with that for my embroidery motif.

The embroidery drawing and the skirt waist-band pattern.

Navy blue velvet for the actual band.

And my very sherbet-y, awful painting in a resort motel sort of colors for the embroidery work.