Sugar Dress and Weaving

Sorry I've been absent, I lost my camera and was extremely busy for a week or so there. But now I've finished with a few all-night projects and I'm back with some great pictures courtesy of my mate Diana.

So the sugar dress took a drastic turn when I accidentally burned some of my sugar while trying to get it crystallized. The black, glassy pieces that resulted in a brand new idea for the dress, and I just went with it, despite having really limited time.

I ended up using the sugar as sequins, sort of loosely couched onto a cheesecloth dress that I dip-dyed (that was a process in and of itself, I'm not great at dying, and getting that color was quite difficult.)

Last minute working

Hanging at the crit.

I also recently finished my warp-painted weaving, but I'm lacking in pictures of it right now. But here's some shots of my dyed weft. Oddly enough, I used the same dyes for the warp and weft, and they came out totally different. Same string too, the only difference is the weft was immersion dyed and the warp was painted with alginate thickened dye. What came out brown on the warp was pink on the weft. Still, the overall effect was really nice.

More later--including the finished jellyfish skirt, weaving, and some of my new projects.

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  1. I like how you put it next to a window for the critique.