Getting down to the end

So it's final project time, and I'm feeling a little spread thin over 5 project. But just a few more weeks to hold on.

Anyway, here's the final result on my jellyfish skirt:

50 hours of embroidery, but it made it into the juried exhibition that my school is holding for our president's inaguration. It was the only piece of mine that did (I submitted 3) but still, I don't think many sophomores got in at all--I don't think too many entered pieces at all.

Fibers Field trip!

Last week we headed out to see the Hot House Exhibition at the Reading Public Museum, which was incredible. It really drove home to me how important our teachers are in the world of fibers. Mi-Kyong Lee, Warren Seelig and Chrissy Day all had work in the show.

My screen-printing design. Electric animals + light bulbs. I did two runs, one in teal, one in pink. The pink ones are currently a pile of pillows at the studio. They'll come in handy for nap time, they're pretty cutesy and dumb, but I like them.

My warp painting--I shot for a gradated plaid, and I think it came out pretty well, considering my weft dyed completely differently from my warp, even though I was using the same color.

And now I'm currently over my head working on my Beast.

Basically a paper/wire/foam structure I'm going to 'skin' in old stuffed animal fur.

Cleaning and gutting the stuffed animals turned out more difficult than I imagined. Thankfully I have friends (free labor)

Pile of smelly stuffed animals.

They're so scary when they're inside out.

Hardcore washing with synthrapol and detergent to get the stank off.

More later--working on some quilted armor and double weave.


  1. Ugh, finals. Story of my life.

    Is the thing w/ your electric animals a screen print, or is that your matrix? What is it on? Vellum? I am making a Pegasus kite for my final screen printing projecting and want it to be on semi-transparent (maybe all the way transparent) paper/other material... and then I'm gluing on a billion baby feathers on top of the wings.

  2. That's my matrix, I haven't gotten a picture of the print yet! And yes, it's vellum. I imagine you could print on vellum or chiffon if you wanted that effect.

    That sounds really beautiful, I hope you post up the final result!


  4. that jellyfish skirt is amazing.

    i'm not sure if you did it on purpose, but your craftster signature has a space in your web site addy, making it unclickable.

    congrats on having a craftster featured item!