New Jersey Convalescence

Thanks to everyone that's left a comment, it's really great to know that people are reading this! Sorry I've been absent, the end of the semester really kicked my butt, I wasn't really eating or sleeping for a while there, and moving into my new place was a two week long process.

But I'm here now to start giving a recap on what I've been doing. Not all of it is photographed yet--you'll only get a little peek at my armor, sadly. I'm not totally sure how to scan in my slides yet, so I took a picture of the slide up against a lights.

Anyway, on to the work. Here's some Charlie Archeopterix for you. I was inspired by the Fursuit maker I met recently while helping Seamus on his documentary, so I took that idea and applied it to a more sculptural idea.

Just the newspaper and foam-form.

Some scales for his belly--thanks to Sam for donating her purse to the cause!

Getting some fur on his body---that's all sewn on individually with mono-filament, I'll try and get a close up of his scales at some point.

Finished! He still looks at a little raggedy, but it was 7 o'clock in the morning on the day of the crit when I sewed the last scale down. I'll fix him up this summer a bit better.

My critique went well~~!

Not quite as exciting but just as labor-intensive, my double-cloth weaving. I scanned in a sketch I had done, then made a pixel-drawing from it the dimensions of the warp that I was winding. Unfortunately, the cloth wove almost 4X as long as it was wide (so the warp was longer?) and so I had to 'skip' every other line on my pixel drawing. But still, I think it came out okay.

In my insanity, I actually did a little side project with a screen I'd already burned and made some cutesy pillows. Too many cutesy pillows. I have like 6 of the lumpy misshapen things hanging around my room now. You want one?

And here's a bit of a look at my armor. Better pictures when I figure out how the heck to scan a slide properly.

A shot of me working on it, courtesy of Diana (I was doing that damn quilting up until the night before it was due! all the construction was done that night/morning)

And a shot of my slides~

Oh, and finally, a happy customer (sort of!) I found a home for my pink dress so it's no longer shoved under my bed. Sam'll do well by it, I'm certain.

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