School Daze

Back in school, and back to the crazy schedule of class/work/studio. But now I've got my own space, which is absolutely grand, even if it is already crammed full of supplies. I'm a terrible packrat when it comes to fabric...and yarn...and trim, and anything I can get my hands on.

Some pictures of where I spend just about every night:

I've got a desk for sewing, and a fabric-covered table for drafting/drawing/pinning/putting my computer on. I have about 30 yards of that red knit, so now it's my decor as well. I believe it came from some gala my school hosted, and it's been kicking around for a few years.

Supply madness--so much stuff!

So that's the space. What have I been working on, eh?

Well, in Into to Jewelry, I'm a big old newbie. Never touched metal in my life, but I really love it, and I think I'm picking it up okay. Our first lesson was a riveted brass piece for our notebooks.

Front Cover

Inside cover--you can see the rivet on the bottom where I messed up, but it's a small thing. I'm learning!

Advanced Fibers--our first assignment is "Drawing"

Some samples.

The one I'm going with-it's going to be a full length dress with a design like the tree drawing above. The leaves are going to be a big, gathered collar around the person, and the length of the dress will be the intertwining trunks. It's worked with 4 strands of thick string on a very loosely woven fabric, so it goes pretty quickly.

For Experimental Costuming, we did a quick t-shirt remix, then a thrift store remix. I did the same things last year, but they're always good to warm up with.

I patchworked my t-shirt--it got very small very fast, and I ended up using the scraps to make an open meshy shirt to go with it.

And my remix--I got an awful pair of short-overalls. Shortalls? And made a rather kinky looking vest.

I liked this project because I really broke away from my usual flat-patterning method. I let the shape of the pieces dictate the form.

And for Projects--no in progress pieces, it's sort of a mess right now, but here's the sketch/instructions I wrote up for myself.

Long story short, I scanned a comic, drew it with pixels, and I'm now knitting it. Then I'm going to felt it. It's going to be immense, the first panel is more than 2 feet wide. Crazy amount of work there.


  1. As always, I love your work. Can't wait to see more! hope school is going well.

  2. Hey thanks for your kind comment your work is really interesting I love the ruffles.