I'm a terrible blogger. It's only now, probably because I have a paper due tomorrow, that I'm updating things! And I know have a backup of about 40 pictures. Oh jeez.

Where to start? How about with our recent symposium? The American Crafts Council (publishers of American Craft) came to our school to have 1 of 3 symposiums about "Making, Meaning and the Marketplace." From my limited amount of experience with the larger craft world, we sure do love to talk about what is and isn't craft. I don't get it~

Anyway, the sweet part is that me and my mate Diana were ushers at the event, and were asked to wear some of my costumes for the occasion. Which means beautiful photos by the official Crafts Dept. Photographer, Ken. You've see the white piece before, but the red one is new, it was for my 'Lost in Translation' assignment. The pants on the white piece are new as well!

Diana in her red ruffly long-johns. These were a pain to pattern, the ruffles are acutally a part of the construction and seamed into the leggings (so the pattern for them had about 20 pieces to keep track of.) They're surprisingly comfortable though!

A clearer photo of my white jacket than I had before. And now it has pants. Also very comfy, but very, very hot.

Both of us and my good friend Kali (on the left) and her 'bathing beauties' coffee filter bikinis. Oh, and see those railings? Funny story. Building maintenance decided to paint them with oil paint 3 hours before the show. So they were still wet and sticky, and people would be walking their artwork through them--not good! So me and my teacher freaked out a bit, then brainstormed and ended up covering the entire length of the railings in iridescent cellophane (we have a massive roll in the studio that someone found in the trash about 5 years ago. Still going through it!)

Okay! So this is entry #1, I'm going to split these up a bit so they're not massive post. Hopefully I can get another one up tonight.

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